Sponsorship information

  • Sponsorship is entirely about helping a destitute child with educational needs not to drop out of school due to extreme poverty. Adoption of a child is different from sponsorship. Adoption of a child is done in collaboration with Government of that country and it is mediated by our office. Through adoption, the child becomes a legal child of sponsor after the legal process is done.

  • The money for sponsorship is solely used to meet the educational needs of the child.

  • School fees in Sierra Leone and Ghana can be paid in flexible ways; by installment or in bulk, per semester.

  • A sponsor will be able to communicate with their child and vice versa but all communication is done through our office. Gifts, photos, presents, letters etc. can be exchanged between the child and sponsor and vice versa but it is done through our office.

  • Our account clerk will handle all financial matters and the financial statements will be made public.

  • The money for child's sponsorship is administered by our head office and the local staff in that country.

  • The money for sponsorship will not be administered by the child's family but the parents will be updated on the progress of sponsorship.

  • The child's school report will be sent to the sponsor at the end of every semester.

  • Any gifts or help to the parents is welcome or considering giving a little bit more money for a child's sponsorship is also welcome but is done through our head office.

What the sponsorship money will be used for:

  • School fees

  • Books and stationery

  • School uniform, school bag, shoes

  • Lunch

  • sport materials

  • sanitary pad for the girl child

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How to start sponsorship or adoption
Simply peruse the profile of the children and when you decide to sponsor or adopt select a child. Contact us with the name of the child and provide us with your name and contact details through which we can reach you. Our sponsorship is US$1.00 per day and preferably payable on a monthly basis that is, US$ 30.00 per month.

How long you can sponsor a child
Sponsorship duration is optional an individual may choose to sponsor for a year or two or even adopt his or her child. However, we would appreciate a sponsorship commitment for at least 24 months when sponsoring a child for the first time. Please notify us three months to the end of your sponsorship whether you wish to continue another 24 months or not, or advise the duration of sponsorship as you may wish to commit yourself to.Type your paragraph here.