Mr. Ahmed Y Finoh

Mr. Ahmed Finoh is a member of the Board of Directors of Partners in Poverty Reduction (PPR). He has over thirty years of experience as a civil engineer. He has worked on construction projects ranging from water supply and waste treatment facilities to roadway maintenance and new highways development. Most recently, Mr. Finoh retired from the Division of Highways at the North Carolina Department of Transportation where he worked as a State Highway Construction Inspector for over 15 years. In addition, Mr. Finoh has worked on civil construction projects in the states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C.

Prior to coming to United States, Mr. Finoh started his career as mathematics teacher at a Catholic Secondary School in his home country of Sierra Leone, in West Africa. When he joined the largest mining company (NDMC) in the country, he was for five years a mining engineering supervisor responsible for a mineral processing plant that treated thousands of mineral ore per shift.

At the Government of Sierra Leone Ministry of Energy and Power, Water Supply Unit, Mr. Finoh became an Executive Engineer and was part of the team that planned and executed the country's United Nations Water Decade program which had as its goal of ensuring that within a decade, every Sierra Leonean would have access to clean drinking water supply and sanitary facilities. As the country's water decade program progressed, Mr. Finoh traveled lengthily across Africa on United Nations Development Program (UNDP) assignments.

Then while still in the service of the Government of Sierra Leone, Mr. Finoh was seconded to the United States' foreign assistance program called CARE in one of the larger districts of the country as a Project Manager. The project has as its mission the provision of water supply facilities such as water wells, small-scale gravity-fed water supply systems for towns and villages of populations of more that a thousand inhabitants.

Mr. Finoh graduated from Fourah Bay College, the premier University of the Republic of Sierra Leone with a B.SC in civil engineering and obtained a postgraduate Certificate in Hydraulics and Environmental Engineering from the Institute of Hydraulic Engineering at Deft in the Netherlands (Holland) in 1985. In 2010, he graduated with honors from North Carolina Central University Department of  Public Administration's  Master of Public Administration Program.

Mr. Ahmed Finoh currently resides in Durham, North Carolina in the USA. He is married and has two grown-up boys and three girls. Maya, the baby of the family, is currently at Brown University, Providence in Rhode Island. 

Mr. Ahmed Yomba Finoh is now involved in African developments issues such as GOXI (World Bank's Extractive Industry Group), Industry Corporate Social Resoponsibility (CSR), Environmental management, Decentralization and Local Governance, Local Economic Development (LEDNA) and Public Policy Processes.

Mr. and Mrs. Saa Sakayo Mondeh

Saa Sakayo Mondeh is a co-founder of Partners in Poverty Reduction and he is the Chief Program Manager (CPM). Saa is the eldest child to his parents whose mother gave birth to 11 children; he was born in absolute poverty and the entire family lived in a remote village called Yarya
 in Sandor Chiefdom, Kono District, Sierra Leone. His parents couldn't afford to send all of their children to school but Saa was fortunate to be sent to school. Saa's parents never went to school and as it is with many illiterate parents in Sierra Leone, they prefer to send the boys to school leaving the girls. Sakayo struggled greatly to acquire education especially in Primary and Secondary schools, an experience that he would describe as a nightmare. Some experiences he will never forget include; going to school without shoes especially in primary school, living in overcrowded rooms, persistent hunger, lack of books, no electricity for most of his studies etc. Another unforgettable experience occurred when he was relocated to Bo, the second capital city of Sierra Leone, to re- take the G.C.E 'O' Level examination. In Bo, his guardian could not provide him with any suitable accommodation but a cubicle that was used to keep chickens and he had no choice but to share this room with the chickens for a whole school year. However, because of his ambition, he worked assiduously from primary to secondary and to University.

These experiences have further strengthened his passion for education knowing that education has the power to change lives. Now that he is successful with education and given his struggle in life generally, he is more able to understand the plight of disadvantaged women and children which has been the driving force to co-found Partners in Poverty Reduction organization. Saa Sakayo Mondeh has an extensive training in Public Health and a graduate of the University of South Australia with a registered nursing degree and currently completing postgraduate studies in Mental Health Nursing at the same University. He is married with four children, who are all daughters, and they all live in Adelaide, South Australia

George F. Cicotte

George F. Cicotte is the owner of Cicotte Law Firm in Washington State from May 2002 to present. He is the chairman of the board of directors of Partners in Poverty Reduction.
Born in the United States of America, George attended Brigham Young University Law School, Provo, Utah and graduate with J.D., Cum Laude in April, 1995. He also attended University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia and obtained a Bachelor of Art degree with a distinction in Economics major, in May 1989. George has defended ERISA disputes in litigation including (I) class actions seeking unique welfare and pension benefits arising from an airline merger. (II) Representation of plan sponsors and administrators in suits or benefits, breach of fiduciary duty and interference with protected rights. George has also represented and advised clients on ERISA and employee benefits matters including designing and drafting all types of qualified retirement plans, stock option arrangements, welfare benefit plans and summary plan descriptions.

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Mr. Tamba Gbembo

Tamba Mbainah Gbembo is co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Partners in Poverty Reduction. Tamba was born in Kondeyah-Sumuyifeh, Sandor chiefdom, Kono District, Sierra Leone. Growing up Tamba faced many obstacles and challenges, some of which have helped shape his life.

Tamba started his elementary school at the United Brethren Church (UBC) primary school in Bo town, Sierra Leone and later went to the Kono District Education Committee (KDEC) primary school in Kono district. From there he sat to the selective entrance examination but due to poverty he was unable to attend the secondary school of his choice. Tamba attended the Kono Model Academy Secondary School in Koidu Town, where he attempted GCE O-level.

In 1995, he left Sierra Leone to serve a two year mission for his church in Ghana. After his mission he decided to seek refuge in Ghana due to civil war in his home country. Whiles in Ghana he went to college to study marketing management from 1999 to 2001, and in 2004, he was fortunate to migrate to the United States of America.

In the United States of America Tamba went to Columbia Basin (CBC) College and obtained an Associate in Art and Science degree in 2008. In 2012; he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration, from Washington State University (WSU) in the United States of America. He is currently working on his masters degree in public health with emphasis in epidemiology

Tamba's drive to cofound Partners in Poverty Reduction (PPR) has been from his experience of growing up as a child in Africa. Born into poverty he knows how it feels to go without food for days, he knows how it feels to go without clothes on the back and shoes on the feet because he had lived it. He has felt the pain of mothers whose children have fallen ill but have no money to take them to the hospital. He has seen his community and many other communities in Africa ravaged by preventable diseases such as cholera, tuberculosis, malaria, malnutrition, yellow fever, Lassa fever etc. As a result of these experiences Tamba is determined to see that he help alleviate the suffering of women and children in Africa

Gaskin Sanghor Faa-Suku

Gaskin Sanghor Faa-Suku is a member of the board of directors of Partners in Poverty Reduction. Gaskin was born in Kayima Town, Sandoh Chiefdom, Kono District-Sierra Leone:  Mr. Faa-Suku is an experienced lead network engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the USA judicial network system, Department of Energy-contracts close-out, and US General Accounting Office GAO Network Manager for over twenty years. Network lead Engineer in: Cisco routing, multilayer switches & routers, VoIP configurations and deployments in LAN, MAN,WAN hybrid networks deployments, configurations, Project Management, and Courts' Strategic Planning Platforms. Strong information technology professional with a Master of Arts  from the University of Maryland, College Park  focused in  Economic Development and International Trade; Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Howard University, Washington DC.  Graduated from the Court Management Program and  CC in the Toastmasters' Club.  When he first came to the USA, a Jewish man, Late Richard Block succored him through undergraduate and graduate Universities.  Throughout his  life, he has been helped by people who do not care  who he was, where he was from, or his ethnicity.  In spite of his hectic schedule with work and family, he donate his time and his resources to non-profit causes like the Partners in Poverty Reduction as his humble tribute to the Peace Corps and the late Richard Blocks of this World!  It is his way of giving back to his home town and the appreciation of those who continue to help him in many ways than he can count!