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News Corner

March 23, 2016

Reading Campaign Launched in Koidu City, Sierra Leone


In line with our philosophy that "success at school depends on good English Language skills" the Koidu Reading Campaign was formally launched today at 9 PM on the Eastern Radio FM 96.5 in the Koidu City.

The panelists comprising our Country Representative/General Manager (Brad), Solomon Lebbie and another staff member sent out a simple message to parents to help their child read for 20 - 30 minutes every day in the bid to promote a reading culture amongst children of Kono and Sierra Leone as a whole. Caregivers, friends and older siblings can also help a child read. Experts in the field of education have made it known to us that reading with a child everyday has good outcomes such as strengthening parent-child relationship, development of vocabulary and grammar and the overall improvement in English Language skills. We strongly believe that for a child to do well in mathematics, biology, history etc., at school largely depends on good English Language skills. We therefore call on children of Kono to challenge themselves to read and to ask themselves "How many books did I read this month?”

We call upon children to visit our Center (The Koidu Children's Center) located at #25 Gbenssengumbu Street, Tankoro, Koidu and grab a book to read. Our Center will also soon begin to operate The Mobile Library to reach out to children who cannot make it to our Center.PARTNERS IN POVERTY REDUCTION-SIERRA LEONE:

February 15th, 2015

The results of the 2014 National Primary School Examination (NPSE) taken before the Ebola disease intensified in Sierra Leone, have now been released by the Ministry of Education, Sierra Leone, and I am pleased to announce that Acedo School, located at 75B Yardu Road, Koidu City, Kono District, Sierra Leone, obtained the following results:
173 candidates took the exam ( 65 boys and 108 girls).

Out of 65 boys, 64 passed and 1 failed.
Out of 108 girls, 104 passed and 4 failed.
Total passed-169 candidates out of 173 candidates that took the exam.
Total failed- only 5 candidates.

This is a phenomenal achievement for the school which has been operating under difficult conditions. The school has gained some assistance from Partners in Poverty Reduction (PPR) in order to ameliorate the situation. We, the staff of PPR School, have put our shoulders to the wheel and have been committed to the children's learning because we believe that education is the KEY to breaking the cycle of poverty and disease. Congratulations to the staff and pupils of Acedo School/PPR for a job well done.

Submitted by:
Saa Sakayo Mondeh
Partners in Poverty Reduction

January 4th, 2015
The activities of PPR closed down for the holidays on the 15th December and will resume on the 5th January 2015. Prior to closing down, our volunteers were heavily engaged in community sensitization on a range of issues currently affecting the community. Activities such as sensitizing and encouraging parents, family members as well as, neighbors on the need to support PPR's effort to get the children to read their books.

For the children to complete their reading tasks and  other given tasks assigned to them  by our volunteers; it will depend on the support of the family in which the child lives. The contact time of our volunteers with the children is limited. As such the role of the family is very important. When children get stuck with their reading due to difficult vocabulary we expect an educated family member or community member to offer help while waiting for our volunteers.

Two of our Teacher volunteers pose for a picture in front of the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation Radio station 90.2

 Children at our newly established computer training center in Koidu city, Sierra Leone.

   PARTNERS  in 



Above are pictures of our volunteers moving from community to community sensitizing and calling for a proactive role of the family members and local residents. The closure of schools due to Ebola in Sierra Leone, among other things, has seriously affected the learning of the children. Our current radio teaching offers some help for those children who listen to the educational program conducted on the radio and the home visit by our volunteers to assist the children with their reading is a complementary effort.
The establishment of our Home School Resource Centre in Koidu is playing a vital role and very soon it will be equipped with computers to aid the work of our volunteers and teachers. 12 computers of the donated computers by the University of South Australia and a large quantity of books donated by the St Gabriel's School in Adelaide, Australia, for Acedo School, have just been shipped to Sierra Leone for our resource center.

Students enjoying our newly established Koidu children's computer training center

July 11, 2016

We are pleased to announce the launching of our new scholarship program yesterday, the July 4th, 2016 at our office in Koidu, Sierra Leone, known as "The Maxine Warnest Scholarship Program". The launching ceremony was attended by many people including six (6) poor children who were awarded scholarships and their parents. This scholarship program aims to offer 50 more scholarships by the end of this year. It was a moment of great excitement and relief for those poor parents who are currently finding it very difficult to support their children in school due to extreme poverty. Extreme poverty has been defined by a situation where people live on less than US $2 a day.
This scholarship program is in the name of one of the patrons of our organization (Partners in Poverty Reduction) in Adelaide, South Australia called Ms Maxine Warnest. Ms Maxine Warnest is an Australian lady who lives in Adelaide and works for Disability S.A. She has awarded the six (6) scholarships in addition to sponsoring 1 lady at the University of Sierra Leone in Freetown. We are very grateful to Ms Maxine Warnest for her generosity to the poor children of Sierra Leone and in helping them attain self-actualization.

Launching our English and Science radio program at the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (Radio 90.2) in Koidu, Kono district, Sierra Leone at the height of the Ebola crises in the country in 2015