Micro credit
Women in Africa are very industrious and have always been the backbone of the economy of the continent; unfortunately they tend to be the most deprived and vulnerable ones in the society.
In Many African communities and cultures the man is considered the bread winner even though women work the hardest. Women when given access to loan are able to get themselves and their families out of extreme poverty. On this basis, Partners in Poverty Reduction will continue to seek out vulnerable and disadvantaged African women and empower them to become self-reliant, which in turn will help foster development in Africa.
Most of the women need just as little as $100-$ 500, in order to start their own business; business that can sustain them and their families. Partners in Poverty Reduction (PPR) therefore facilitate and help provide loans to women and we also teach and empower women about their role in the society.
How we ensure success
Because our micro credit scheme is targeting impoverished communities and people who don’t have collateral, no credit history or any meaningful employment; we have put in place the following checks and balances to ensure continuous and successful implementation of our programs:

  • Thoroughly vet loan recipients for credibility before each loan is disbursed

  • Business planning classes are held for each prospective beneficiary before the disbursement of loans.

  • Quarterly business classes are held to instruct beneficiaries on key business topics, such as financial management, profit and loss, savings, repayment etc.

  • Continuously involve potential beneficiaries in setting the terms and conditions of loans and loan repayment

  • Conduct free seminars on key business topics

  • Continuously provide free step by step credit repair and credit guidance.

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