23rd March 2016

In line with our philosophy that "success at school depends on good English Language skills" the Koidu Reading Campaign was formally launched today at 9 PM on the Eastern Radio FM 96.5 in the Koidu City.
The panelists comprising our Country Representative/General Manager (Brad), Solomon Lebbie and another staff member sent out a simple message to parents to help their child read for 20 - 30 minutes every day in the bid to promote a reading culture amongst children of Kono and Sierra Leone as a whole. Caregivers, friends and older siblings can also help a child read. Experts in the field of education have made it known to us that reading with a child everyday has good outcomes such as strengthening parent-child relationship, development of vocabulary and grammar and the overall improvement in English Language skills. We strongly believe that for a child to do well in mathematics, biology, history etc., at school largely depends on good English Language skills. We therefore call on children of Kono to challenge themselves to read and to ask themselves "How many books did I read this month?”

We call upon children to visit our Centre (The Koidu Children's Centre) located at #25 Gbenssengumbu Street, Tankoro, Koidu and grab a book to read. Our Centre will also soon begin to operate The Mobile Library to reach out to children who cannot make it to our Centre.


Education has always been the engine of development of every country and continent, where there is lack of education, development becomes impossible. The biggest factor responsible for Africa's underdevelopment according to the UN Human development index is its failure to make bold investments in education, and until such issue is addressed, Africa will remain poor.
In many parts of Africa, education is a privilege and meant only for some privileged few, leaving a large number of school-age children with no chance of getting education. Statistics has shown that over sixty-eight percent of children not enrolled in school are in Sub-Sahara Africa, West and East Asia. Most often children in Africa that are fortunate to go to school, do so under deplorable conditions especially in the rural communities;  using dilapidated buildings, no good chairs or desks, some even school under trees.  Most of the children are very poor to afford exercise or text books, not to mention shoes; leaving many of them to walk on bare feet to school.

To help reduce poverty in Africa and foster development, Partners in Poverty Reduction (PPR) has made education a key priority of its operations and we have focused our attention on the following educational issues to achieve our goal:

  • Encourage and improve school attendance

We are engaged in educating parents and community leaders about the need and benefits of sending their school-age children to school, especially the girl child
We Partner with government and local leaders to provide a secure and conducive learning atmosphere.

  • Improve classroom and school buildings

We provide assistance with renovation of dilapidated school buildings
We encourage the use of local materials to build more school buildings and classroom furniture.
We construct new classroom blocks for impoverished communities

  • Provide Scholarship and sponsorship

PPR has been providing and will continue to provide scholarships to bright disadvantage school-age children.
We will continue to seek out and advocate educational sponsorship for impoverished children

  • Provide textbooks and other learning materials to schools

In partnership with corporations, governmental organizations and private citizens, Partners in Poverty Reduction will

continue to provide textbooks (used or new), computers (used or new) and other learning materials to schools in Africa.

  • Provide teachers with incentives

We reward teachers for taking job in the rural areas
We reward hard working teachers with scholarship to pursue their higher education
We reward teachers whose students excel in their national exams such as the senior secondary school exam, the General Certificate of Education exams etc. with cash as well as materials.

  • Other program

Support and promote sporting activities such as football (soccer), volleyball, basketball, athletics etc.

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