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Board members

Mr. George Cicotte - Chairman Board of director

Mr. Tamba Mbainah Gbembo-CEO & Board member

Mr. Saa Sakayo Mondeh- CPM & Board member

Mr. Ahmed Yomba Finoh- Board member

Goodwill Ambassador

Ms.. Maxine Warnest-Australia

Gaskin Sanghor Faa-Suku - Board member

Management Team

Tamba Mbainah Gbembo - Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and co-founder

Saa Sakayo Mondeh - Chief Program Manager (CPM) and co-founder

Francis D. Kassah - Head of African Program (HAP)

Field Officers
Jonathan K. Nartey - Head of program, Accra, Ghana

Abu S. Moi- Freetown, Sierra Leone

Mattia Mondeh - Freetown, Sierra Leone

Alice Kai - Freetown, Sierra Leone

James Suckity - Koidu city, Sierra Leone

Sama Moriba - Kayima town, Sierra Leone

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