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Agriculture employs 68 percent of Africa’s labor force, and accounts for 33 percent of gross domestic product. Women contribute between 65-80% of the labor used to produce food both for household consumption and for sale. Many of the agricultural works being carried out across the African continent are performed with archaic
equipment and tools. Partners in Poverty Reduction (PPR) has embarked on doing the following to improve agricultural productivity of women.

Provide modern farming equipment (new and used)
Partners in Poverty Reduction (PPR) is providing simple modern farming equipment such as wheelbarrows, hoes, cutlasses or machetes, rain boots, cloves, fertilizer, pesticides and more to rural farming communities.

Promote animal husbandry (piggery, goat, sheep and cow rearing), fish farming
Animal husbandry will play a vital role in reducing poverty across Africa, which is why PPR is engaged in promoting that sector by helping provide:

  • Breeding centers

  • Train and support locals in animal husbandry

  • Provide support for the treatment and care of animals

  • Financially assists struggling farmers and also assist newcomers

Support rice and vegetable farming (cassava, corn, groundnut, egg plants, pepper, tomatoes etc.)
Rice, cassava, groundnut, maize, sorghum and millet are major crops if not the staple foods of many Africa countries. Partners in Poverty Reduction are assisting farmers to grow these crops and we are assisting by doing the following:

  • Provide healthy seeds and seedlings

  • Provide fertilizers and pesticides

  • Assist with storage centers and transport facilities

  • Teach farmers about new farming technologies and techniques